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Loveteam notesEdit

The two cutest child loveteam Bugoy Carino and Blythe Gorostiza

Blythe and Bugoy is a Filipino child actress and actor and a loveteam in Goin' Bulilit with making other adult characters.

Blythe and Bugoy "use it" in Goin' Bulilit

  • Bugoy: Use lobby in a sentence
  • Bulilits: Use it!
  • Bugoy: Blythe ang ganda ganda mo talaga ang mata mo ay kasing ning-ning ng bituin, ang buhok mo y sobrang ang ganda at ang lobby mo ay ang pula pula
  • Blythe: Use lounch in a sentence
  • Bulilits: Use it!
  • Blythe: Ikaw talaga Bugoy bulero ka tapos ka na ba kumain?. Halika lounch tayo!

About Bugoy CarinoEdit

Bugoy Carino or Rogel Kyle Bugoy Carino Jr was born on September 3, 2002. He joined in Star Circle Quest: Search for Next Kiddie Idolin 2009 and in first place. He appears in a children gag show Goin' Bulilit with his loveteam Blythe Gorostiza. He was a best dancer, actor and a great singer. He was making different TV shows like Goin' Bulilit as himself, the E-boy as Princess, then Kokey as Caloy, then Agua Bendita as young Ronnie Agguire, the Kulilits as himself/host, then 100 days to heaven as Tikoy and movies like I'll Be There as Pio and Shake Rattle and Roll 13: Tamawo as Bikbok

About Blythe GorostizaEdit

Blythe Gorostiza or Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, which also known as "Blythe Brillantes" , was born on March 12,2003 in Taytay Rizal. She was living in her grandmother in Quezon City for her tapings but her hometown in Taytay Rizal. A daughter of Amabel Daguio Gorostiza and Byron Gorostiza. She has 3 siblings Kismet (The only guy sibling and 2nd youngest fo there family) Kayla (The second oldest) Nina (The oldest and the very close sibling of Blythe) and Blythe was the youngest of them all. She love makeups, lipsmaker, johnson's baby powder, chocolate ice cream, pizza, hanging out of her dad, and magnum ice cream. Her 1st nickname is "bolyt" because she was found in her pink ball toy with spikes when she was a baby and boll+light=bolyt then "angel" because she looks like a angel when she's smiling, also she's very white. At the age of 7, Blythe started a several commercial and her 1st TV appearance was in Pidol's Wonderland as BJ and Maddie in TV5, then My Precious Heart Romances:Alyna as Sophia Alvaro in ABS-CBN, then Goin' Bulilit as herself, then MMK:Stroller as Angel, the E-boy as Princess, then Nandito ako as young Anya and Kahit Puso'y Masugatan as young Veronica. She also appears in guesting TV apperance such as The Buzz, ASAP 2012, Happy Yippe Yehey, E-Live, Katok sa Kusina, Chinese New Year Countdown and many more. She also appears some movies such as Payaso as Mika and Father Jejemon as Cameo Role. And now, she is an Moose Girl endorser. She is also award for Little Miss Starlight Princess 2010 in Little Miss Confetti Princess 2010

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